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Los Angeles

Jungle Curry Special

Our #1 best curry. Three generations of our family's recipe that you won't find this anywhere else. This curry contains no coconut milk and no soy. Jungle curry is cooked with your choice of protein, fresh cut green beans, pumpkins, and basil leave. Pick your spicy level.

Make it Gluten-Free:Make it Gluten-Free
Protein Option (Select 1):Chicken Veggies Veggie + Crispy Tofu Beef Shrimp
Spice Level (No refund or exchange when select spicy level 'medium' or higher!):Not Spicy Mild Medium Feel the Heat Watch Out Spicy with Heat Spicy with Heat + Some Like it Real Hot You Want It, You Got It Lava
Side Peanut Sauce:Side Peanut Sauce
Add Cauliflower Rice:Add Cauliflower Rice

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