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Los Angeles

Santa Monica Package

Includes your choices of pad Thai (stir-fried rice noodles w/ eggs, bean sprouts, scallions & ground peanuts), pad broccoli, Southern curry (w/ jicama, Thai basil, peppers & coconut milk), and spicy vegan eggplant (w/ eggplant, basil & Thai chili). Served with 1 tray of jasmine white rice.

Select Pad Thai: Large Tray Tofu Pad Thai (V) or Large Tray Chicken Pad Thai

Select Pad Broccoli: Small Tray Chicken Pad Broccoli or Small Tray Tofu Pad Broccoli (V)

Select Southern Curry: Small Tray Tofu Southern Curry (V) or Small Tray Chicken Southern Curry

Select Spicy Eggplant: Small Tray Plain Spicy Eggplant (V)

Serves 25 People $345Large Tray Shrimp Pad Thai +$30Small Tray Beef Pad Broccoli +$10Small Tray Shrimp Pad Broccoli +$15Small Tray Cirspy Tofu & Spicy Eggplant +$10