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Papaya Salad

Brief history
Papaya salad is a signature dish in Thailand and a popular one in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Although many Thai restaurants offer papaya salad, it is popularly known as street food.

Papaya Salad (Vegan)
This delicious signature Thai dish consists of Fresh green (unripened) papaya thinly sliced, cherry tomatoes, long green beans, shredded carrots with spicy lime sauce with crushed peanuts. We do not use fish sauce in our papaya salad.

This salad is made by cooking the long green beans until they are tender in salted water, thinly slicing the papaya, cutting the cherry tomatoes in half, and shredding the carrots. Then in a large bowl tossing them in the spicy lime sauce. Plate up the salad, then sprinkle the top with crushed roasted peanuts adding the perfect amount of texture and flavor. Thai food is well-known for being salty, spicy, sweet, sour, and bitter—all at the same time. And this Papaya salad is undoubtedly one of these dishes that encompasses all of these flavors.

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