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Thai Donuts

You've never had a Thai donut like this; try Emporium Thai's house-made Thai donuts today!

Never tried them?

Pa Thong Ko, also called a Thai donut, is an extremely popular (and delicious!) dessert that originated from Chinese cuisine. They are essentially a deep-fried dough made from simple ingredients, but that description doesn't do them justice -- you have to taste them for yourself! Thai donuts are great as a snack or after a meal, and they typically get served with sweet condensed milk.

You can find Thai donuts being made by vendors throughout Thailand, and they are a favorite for almost everyone.

What makes Emporium Thai's donuts so special?

Gina Sungkamee, our executive chef, studied at the most prestigious culinary school in Bangkok to perfect the art of Thai cuisine. We use ingredients from local farmers and purchase them fresh daily.

While Thai donuts may seem simple to make, you'll taste the difference when they're made by a real Thai chef. What are you waiting for? Try a Thai donut from Emporium Thai, and you'll be hooked!

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