Considering Thai Westwood Restaurants for Peak Mango Season?

May marks the beginning of peak season for mangoes, which is great news for mango lovers looking to dine at Thai Westwood restaurants. People across the globe love to eat mangoes for their sweet, juicy, and succulent flavor. Our staff at Emporium Thai Restaurant, situated in Westwood, California, prides itself on serving authentic Thai food. There is no better time to enjoy our mango-themed dishes during the month of May!

The Best Time to Eat Mangoes

The best time to eat mangoes is during the peak season, which is usually from May to September. In Southern California, the weather is warm and sunny in May, making it an excellent time to grow and ripen mangoes.

Emporium Thai Restaurant’s Mango-Themed Food 

Of all the Westwood restaurants, Emporium Thai Restaurant is a place to enjoy some of the most delicious and authentic Thai food in Los Angeles. Take advantage of mango season by trying a range of savory and sweet dishes with mango as the main ingredient. Here are four mango-related items you can order off the Emporium Thai menu:

Coco Mango Crispy Tofu: This dish consists of shredded raw mango mixed with dried coconut, fresh chili, lime juice, and crispy tofu.

Mango Sticky Rice: This dessert is beloved by Cardi B! The dish is made with rice, coconut milk, and fresh mangoes. The glutinous rice is cooked in coconut milk and served with slices of mango on top, resulting in a delightful blend of flavors.

Coco Mango Shrimp: This dish consists of shredded raw mango blended with dried coconut, fresh chili, lime juice, and shrimp. 

Mango Smoothie: This refreshing smooth is dairy-free, and serves as an excellent treat to help cool off on a hot day. 

Why Pick Emporium Thai Restaurant?

If you love mangoes, you are bound to find something to enjoy eating at Emporium Thai Restaurant. Our mangoes are locally-sourced and fresh, ensuring each bite is a truly satisfying experience. Our chefs have years of experience and training to capture the essence of traditional Thai cuisine, and the mango-themed dishes are a must-try!

Emporium Thai is also worth dining at for its cozy and welcoming ambiance. Whether you are planning a dinner to celebrate a special occasion or just because you can expect to have an enjoyable meal with your close friends and family. You are also in good hands at our restaurant, as our staff are friendly and attentive, ensuring the best possible service.


If you are craving mangoes from Thai Westwood restaurants, the go-destination is Emporium Thai. Whether you want a fresh salad, spicy curry, or sweet but light dessert, there is something on the menu for everyone.