Looking for a Westwood Restaurant to Celebrate Thai New Year?

Are you interested in learning more about Thai New Year by eating authentic food from a Westwood restaurant? Songkran, otherwise known as the Thai New Year Festival, takes place from April 13th through the 15th of this year. “Songkran” in Sanskrit means “passage of the sun,” and the holiday celebrates the idea of moving forward. One distinct aspect of celebrating the festival involves water fights and people splashing each other with water to represent cleansing and renewal for a new year.  Like any other global new year celebration, Thai people celebrate Songkran with delicious food, traditional dance, and lively music.

If you live in Westwood, California, and want to enjoy Songkran without taking a plane to Thailand, you can celebrate locally by dining at Emporium Thai Restaurant.  Here are four reasons why dining at our restaurant is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the new year:

Taste Authentic Thai Food

Have you been searching for Westwood restaurants that feature authentic Thai food? Thai cuisine is famous for its unique flavors and strong blend of spices and herbs. When you sit down to eat at Emporium Thai for the new year festivities, you can relish the taste of Thai food made by cooks using traditional recipes and cooking methods. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or a meat eater, there is something on the menu for everyone to enjoy- from spicy curries to flavorful soups and lightly sweet desserts.

Marvel at Traditional Thai Decor

We pride ourselves on our beautiful, traditional restaurant decor, which is especially meaningful during a holiday like Songkran. You can expect to find colorful lanterns, gorgeous floral arrangements, and classic Thai paintings on the walls, making you feel as though you have been teleported to  Thailand.

Getting to Know the Local Thai Community

Celebrating the Thai New Year by dining at an authentic Thai restaurant is an excellent way to get to know members of your local Thai community. You can connect and build rapport with Thai people who live in Westwood and learn more about their culture, experiences, and family traditions. You have the potential to make new friends from diverse backgrounds and broaden your cultural and social perspectives on the world without even having to travel the distance.

Supporting Your Local Business

By dining at our restaurant during the new year festivities, you are also supporting one of the few local, family-owned, and operated restaurants in Westwood. We are dedicated to serving our customers authentic, high-quality dishes, and our business continues to prosper with the support of our community. 


When it comes to celebrating the Thai New Year Festival locally, dining at an authentic Thai Westwood restaurant is the way to go. Whether you want to try delicious and authentic Thai food, meet potential new friends, or learn more about Thai culture, there is something for everyone to take away from the experience of dining at Emporium Thai Restaurant. Celebrate Songkran with style, and bring your friends and loved ones out for a memorable night of flavorful cuisine and great ambiance.