Not Feeling Like Turkey This Thanksgiving? Try Thai Food Instead!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, meaning it's almost time to get that turkey cooking, or is it? You may not be a fan of the age-old holiday tradition and want to stand out this year. At Emporium Thai, we encourage you to break that tradition. Here is why you should choose catering from one of the finest Thai restaurants in Westwood, Los Angeles.

A wider variety of flavors to enjoy.

The majority of Thai recipes combine four different flavors. This fusion flavor is a hallmark of Thai cuisine. You will undoubtedly want more after sampling everything from wholesome salads to enticing curries. Pad Thai is known to be sweet, savory and sour all in one! This dish is an option for those who want their food sweet and savory. For those who enjoy solid and spicy flavors, Thai cuisine offers a wide range, yet it wouldn't be the same without spices!

Healthier than Stuffed Turkey with gravy.

According to research, Thai cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world since it preserves the most nutrition during cooking. The ingredients are nutritious, and many have medical properties that can treat conditions like high cholesterol and digestive issues, among others: the fact that many Thai foods are either stir-fried or steam-cooked aids in maintaining their nutritional worth. Most meals are high in fiber, and fiber aids in controlling blood sugar levels and appetite by regulating how the body uses glucose.

Eating more spicy food may help you lose weight and improve your metabolism and digestive health. It's interesting how closely connected your sense of taste and gut health are; your digestive tract contains the same senses that help you identify spicy food with your tongue. After detecting hot foods, the receptor produces anandamide molecules to reduce inflammation. Some people manage hot food better than others because they have more active receptors. The secret is to include heat in healthy dishes and fried and greasy ones. Fortunately, Thai cuisine is ideal for this method because it extensively uses nutritious components.

Thai food often comes in smaller portions…wait, what?!

We know exactly what you’re thinking: “I’m catering to an entire family. I need your classical American larger-than-life portions!” But consider this: our eyes are often bigger than our stomachs. We know everyone is going to be looking forward to enjoying a scrumptious taste of Thailand, but it’s also important to be mindful of your portion sizes!

Vegetarian and Vegan friendly

If anyone in your family doesn't eat meat, they are more likely to feel left out during this time of year. Our premium Westwood restaurant offers a variety of delicious and healthy dishes that will satisfy the cravings of any herbivore. Even meat lovers are bound to fall in love with the plant-based options one of the highest-rated Thai Westwood restaurants offers.

Order catering with us now!

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, so make sure to place your catering order well in advance! Our staff would be honored to be a part of your holiday celebration this year! Please go ahead and call Emporium Thai, one of the highest-rated Thai restaurants near Brentwood, Los Angeles, today!