Why Eating Thai Food Should Be Your Delicious New Year's Resolution!

Your New Year's Resolution list most likely consists of specific goals such as getting more exercise and eating healthier. But if you live near some of the finest restaurants in Westwood, Los Angeles, we can help you with the latter. How exactly, you might be asking? It turns out that Thai food is among some of the healthiest cuisines in the world! That's right! If you're already a fan of our Westwood restaurant, you have yet another reason to dine in or carry out with us more often! 

Here is why eating more Thai food can benefit you in 2023:

A true medley of vegetables.

Vegetables are always a good choice for everybody! We know how to prepare vegetables as nutrient-dense and delectable as possible. If you have ever visited Thailand, you probably noticed that street sellers have large carts with a wok and little containers containing everything they need to quickly prepare the dishes you request.

Thai cuisine is not only replete with vegetables but the appropriate kinds as well. Thai cuisine offers several nutrient-dense and flavorful alternatives to starchy root vegetables. Along with broccoli florets to add iron, an abundance of capsicum offers loads of vitamin C.

Naturally, choosing veggies can lead to a well-balanced dinner. To add protein, you can choose from tofu if you're vegetarian or meat-free. Then, a nutritious carbohydrate, such as rice or noodles, is added to this. This all comes together to provide a superb, well-rounded decision. As a result, every menu will have various extremely nutritious Thai food options. These mouthwatering noodle dishes make for a fantastic, well-balanced supper at your local Westwood restaurants.

Plenty of macronutrients.

Your carbs, proteins, and fats make up macronutrients. With a range of vegetables, a protein source like tofu, lean meat, or seafood, and ingredients like coconut milk, peanut sauces, or other fats, curries, stir-fries, and soups are prepared.

Non-starchy vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, and onions are frequently utilized in Thai cuisine. These vegetables contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other components supporting healthy digestion and well-being.

Rich in other nutrients.

In addition, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Manganese are all abundant in garlic. Garlic's active ingredients may lower high blood pressure, and enhancing cholesterol levels may assist in reducing the risk of heart disease. Many Thai dishes incorporate crushed, chopped, and occasionally whole garlic cloves!

Did you say tofu?

Here is another reason Thai food is excellent for protein: many Thai dishes taste great when the meat is replaced with lean tofu. Diabetes risk can be lowered by tofu's ability to manage blood sugar levels. 

Going out for a delicious Thai meal is the obvious choice if you want something exotic yet hits close to home. You may also want to keep yourself healthy with a good dose of fresh natural remedies that combat many of the ailments of Western society because many of these herbs and spices are abundant in most Thai dishes. Fresh herbs show off all of these therapeutic advantages the best, which is why you should come to dine with us in 2023!

You are always welcome to join us for a feast at Emporium Thai, one of the best restaurants in Westwood, Los Angeles! Enjoy!