John Cleese

"Wonderful, Wonderful food. Really wonderful…The Best Thai Food I think I ever had anywhere…."

Cardi B

"This is so good.. this is Sticky Rice with Mango… It's a Thai dessert…"

Jennifer Love Hewitt

"Oh and oh my goodness… I don't know if you see my post the other day about Emporium Thai. It's the best Thai food in LA and I just had some tonight. And I just want to say again it's the best Thai food in LA. That's it. So so yummy! It's so delicious.. so good. Run.. don't walk! This is not an ad, it's just LOVE!

"Really really great food, we enjoyed it a lot"

Willow Smith and John at Emporium Thai
Willow Smith

"Really really great food, we enjoyed it a lot"

"It's so good, we'll be back"

Benicio del Toro Outside Emporium Thai
Benicio del Toro

"It's so good, we'll be back"