Delicious Facts About Thai Cuisine That Will Blow Your Mind (and Your Taste Buds!)

It's no secret that Emporium Thai serves the best Thai food in Los Angeles. However, there's likely a thing or two that you didn't already know about Thai cuisine! Our staff has the privilege of being able to share our passion with you, so we want to make sure you not only enjoy your meal but also are provided with the gift of knowledge! That's right! 

1.In Thai culture, sharing the gift of a good meal is customary.

Sharing is an essential aspect of Thai culture. Eating together is so critical that it is said to be bad luck to eat by yourself. A family typically shares one sizable bowl when they sit down to eat. If they are having a large meal, there are many different dishes from which they can choose. A foreigner might find it strange that no one is eating from their plate. Thai people prefer, however, for each dish to be sampled by everyone at the table. They would also consider it impolite if you consumed more food than others.

2. "Everything in life has to have balance."

The fantastic flavor is a hallmark of Thai cuisine. Additionally, Thai cooking uses a wide range of spices. Thai food is made with shrimp paste, fish sauce, and other ingredients that increase its flavor and saltiness. People use palm sugar and various fruit extracts to sweeten food, and they use fresh herbs to flavor the food while preserving its nutritional value. Each dish will receive special consideration from a skilled chef. Our Brentwood Thai food experts make every effort to strike the ideal balance.

3. The importance of rice.

The most popular dish and a distinctive element of Thai cuisine is rice. You can be sure that no person in Thailand will be found eating a meal without rice! Its significance in the nation's culture is highlighted by the notion that it has its soul.

4. Basil makes it just right.

A frequently used ingredient is basil. Although you may have heard of it being used elsewhere in Southeast Asia, this herb is unique to Thailand, despite how well-liked it is in the Mediterranean. In Thailand, we refer to basil as a distinctive herb because it is not grown anywhere else in the world. It is also renowned for having a spicy flavor.

5. No chopsticks are required!

Contrary to popular belief, eating Thai food in Los Angeles (or anywhere else!) does not typically involve using chopsticks. Usually, they are only used to eating noodle dishes or Chinese food. The spoon, held in the right hand, and the fork in the left, serve as the main eating utensils. Typically, the fork is used to help direct the food onto the spoon. The spoon is used to scoop the food off the plate or bowl into your mouth.

6. Unlike in the west, Thai desserts are not usually served cold.

As you already know, desserts are usually cold on this side of the world. Thai sweets, however, are typically not chilled. There aren't many cold sweets in Thai food, and desserts should never be served cold in Thai culture. Traditional Thai sweets like khanom waan aren't typically served cold, unless it's coconut ice cream, in contrast to Western desserts.

Hungry just from reading all of these delicious facts? Come to Emporium Thai today to experience the best Thai food in Los Angeles. We are eager to welcome you as one of our valued guests.