Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Moving to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a bustling city known for its year-round summer weather, crowded freeways, and decadent cuisine. Now that you've decided to make the move, here are five things you should know before moving to LA.

1. Scout out an apartment early

Relocating to Los Angeles is exciting, but you need somewhere to live. Housing is expensive, and apartments go off the market fast, sometimes within the day. How far you are from where you work is a significant factor given LA's notorious traffic.

Know the general area you want to reside in and tour apartments ahead of time, getting on rental lists. Figure out how long the commute will take in the thick of rush hour and seriously evaluate whether or not you can handle it. If you can live within walking distance from work, all the better.

Some of LA's largest companies, like Google and Walt Disney, are in different parts of the area, including Burbank, Glendale, and Long Beach. These are far from each other, especially given traffic, so planning is crucial. LA and its surrounding areas are huge!

2. Traffic is as bad as it seems

This ties into where you live, but make sure you're prepared for the traffic in your surrounding area. LA proper is home to 4 million people, and that doesn't include everyone who commutes in and out every day. Plan that commute and walk or bike if you can.

Additionally, figure out how close you are to local amenities like restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and dog parks. The streets are always crowded, so the more places you can walk to, the better.

3. Los Angeles life is bustling

Living in LA gives you plenty to do all the time. Here are some activities you can use to fill your time:

  • Hiking. LA is close to many mountain ranges. You can go hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains, San Bernadino Mountains, or explore the thousands of trails in the Angeles National Forest. Runyon Canyon is famous, but there are plenty of outdoor options.
  • Dogs. People love their dogs in LA, so you're sure to have a great time at the dog park or doggie meetups. Get on Facebook or Nextdoor and find some pupdates in your area.
  • Museums. Whether it's Getty Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art, or the Broad, there is always a museum to explore in LA.
  • Attend a live show. Tickets for live tapings of shows like Wheel of Fortune are free, though they need to be reserved well in advance. This is a unique experience for all!
  • Sporting games. LA is home to professional NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLS teams. There's a sport for every fan!
  • Nightlife. Whether that's clubs, bars, restaurants, or anything else, LA is a busy city at night. You're going to suffer no shortage of activities to do with your friends.

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    4. The food is out-of-this-world!

    Relocating to Los Angeles brings with it an abundance of culinary delights. LA is regarded as one of the country's top food scenes with its diverse selection of cuisine.

    There are many Michelin Star restaurants in town and plenty of more casual bars or food trucks with their own reputation. You can expect to find all kinds of food, including Korean, Italian, French, Thai, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian, or anything in between.

    LA is also very vegan-friendly, so don't fear! Spots like Shojin and The Vegan Joint are sure to satisfy your tastebuds.

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    5. Finding a job can be difficult

    Life in LA is expensive, so when moving to LA, make sure you've got a job lined up. Securing a position can be tricky, and you don't want to do so while the expense of the city is already upon you.

    LA is home to many friendly people, so networking will be your best bet. Find people in your industry who work in the city and see if they can find an opening for you. Dropping applications at random will be very challenging.

    There is more to LA's job scenery than the entertainment industry, including a hub of tech startups. Regardless, whichever industry you're after, finding a job is hard.

    If you're in college, take internships in LA and build a positive reputation for yourself. That way, your reputation precedes you, and you'll have an easier time breaking into the city.

    Some of the city's top employers include Google, Walt Disney, and Nestle.

    Many jobs also pay minimum wage, which is $13.25 an hour for businesses with fewer than 26 employees and $14.25 an hour for companies larger than that.

    Living in a city this expensive is incredibly hard on minimum wage, so don't take that decision lightly. Budgeting will be crucial.

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    Final word

    Los Angeles is an exceptional place to be, but it has its challenges. We hope that these tips prepare you for living in LA. When it comes time for the move, factor in how much in savings is needed, pick where you'll live in advance, and consider whether or not you'll need storage space. 

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